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Why We Are Different?

We have sold over 2000 homes in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)! This expertise and local knowledge pays off when it comes to getting the BEST PRICE for your Home.

As exclusive Engel & Volkers partners in the Mississauga & Etobicoke, we can offer the strength of our global marketing network to all our clients. Our combination of global reach and local expertise ensures that Homeowners get the BEST DEAL possible!

SOLD Over 2000+ Homes!!!

We leverage our Worldwide Network to market your property extensively – opening the Sale to markets internationally. With global buyers in the mix, you can easily expect to get your TOP Asking Price and then some!

Understanding the real accurate value of your home is a very complicated process that requires the services of a true Real Estate professional that understands the value every aspect of your property has to offer and to be able to showcase each of the same in the best light.

I will help you decide not only the right Listing Price for getting the highest value but also the best strategy which would include the best time for the Selling your Home.

Let Us Show You How We Do It!

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FREE Home Preparation & Staging


It is no longer enough to List with a realtor and stick a FOR SALE sign on your lawn. In this era of well-researched and smart buyers, to sell your homefast, you need to make your property listing stand out and SHINE!

You need to make your house seem like the buyer’s dream home! For this you need the art of staging to create a space that reflects a lifestyle that people WANT to have.

They should be able to see themselves living in your house.

What exactly is Home Staging?

While you might love your bright curtains and eclectic art collection, the house will have lots of different people looking at it, and they might not have the same taste.

Staging makes your home attractive to all sorts of buyers. It highlights the best features, fixes small eyesores and makes your house seem brighter, bigger and more beautiful.

The goal – to make the buyer want to move in right away!

We at Engel & Völkers have an ENTIRE team of Staging Professionals who do just this!

We offer all our clients

-          Interior decoration services

-          Home evaluation services

-          Customized staging designs

-          Professional videography and photography

-          Access to our entire range of furniture and furnishings

We have sold over 2000 homes in the GTA! And in every single sale, Staging has helped Sell homes fast and for MORE.

Our Staging Mantras

  1. Clean outdoors & bold Indoors
  2. Neatly arranged furniture with plenty of room to walk around
  3. Bring in the light and declutter to make your rooms spacious & bright
  4. Keep the colours neutral
  5. Add greenery for a fresh look
  6. Project positive energy and soul


A recent survey found out that professionally staged home spent 80% less time on the market than those that were not staged!

So, what are you waiting for! Call us now to restyle your home and get a top dollar price.

FREE High Definition Virtual Tour


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then an HD Virtual Tour is certainly worth a few million!

It is a fact that a listing with a high definition virtual tour gets 40% more exposure than a listing without one.

Our team of Professional designers and photographers create exceptional virtual tours that showcase all the aspects of your home – interiors as well as exteriors.

We don’t tell potential buyers about your home; we show them!

Why our Virtual Tour will sell your home FAST?

-       We create a visual inventory of your home which is eye-catching as well as informative

-       We link our virtual tours to the Multiple Listing Service for maximum exposure

-       We include all the essential features and specifications within our virtual tours, making it easier and quicker for buyers to decide

-       Our Virtual Tours are designed to attract International buyers

-       We share our Virtual Tour packages on social media for added exposure

At Engel & Völkers, we use the services of professional photographers to create visually stunning and accurate Virtual Tours FREE for all our clients.

If you want to leverage the strength of our Global Real Estate Network, then call us NOW!

You can rely on us to get your home sold FAST and for MORE.

Personalized Website for Your Home


No clutter, No distractions. With us, your Home will shine on its very own platform.

With most realtors, buyers just trawl through a huge list of similar looking homes – unaided and unattended. A listing doesn’t get more than 10 secs! You can well imagine how difficult it would be to grab the attention of a potential buyer in this scenario.

We at Engel & Völker Toronto West know exactly how to make you and your Home attract the attention of discerning buyers. We have been doing this on a global scale for decades!

We ensure that all our clients who are listing their homes for sale are showcased in a completely personalized manner that will make them stand out from the usual crop of listings.

Our Strategy

We offer our clients the services of our professional team of web designers and developers completely FREE. Each Home for Sale has its ownstandalone website complete with all the details of the building and eye-catching visual.

Our Service comprises

-          Web Design and Development

-          Free Domain Hosting

-          Copywriting Services

-          Video and Photography Services

With your Personalized Website, we can guarantee that you will be able to sell your home FAST and for MORE.

Selling your Home with a custom-made website has several benefits, such as

-          Makes your Home seem more exclusive and lend credibility to your asking price

-          Allows the buyer to browse all features without getting distracted

-          Gives you complete control of what you want to highlight in your home’s profile

-          Give the buyers easy access to all the relevant information of the property in one place

So, what are you waiting for? List It, Sell It and Get more $$$ for your home NOW.

Get in touch NOW!

FREE Full Color Brochure With Community Information


A home is more than just a building; it is part of a neighbourhood, a community.

For most people, buying a home is akin to buying into a neighbourhood, especially when there are young families to consider. There are many areas that need to be carefully thought through -  from access to good schools for kids to daily work commutes for the adults.

When you List with us, we make sure that the buyers are given the complete picture.

We want our buyers to get all the information – the specifications of the house and the details of the area – in one place. After all, a quick decision is what everyone wants!

We collate and create personalized colour brochures for all the homes for sale listed with us.

This service is completely free of cost and includes -

-          Specially designed layouts

-          Professionally captured images

-          Copywriting services

-          Detailed Information on all Interiors

-          Well researched information and statistics on the neighbourhood

-          Detailed route charts about distances to all the main city centre points

-          Statistics on schools and children friendly spaces in the region

List with us TODAY,  and access our entire range of FREE marketing services to sell your home FAST and for MORE.

FREE Aerial Drone Photography


Sell your Home super quick with access to the latest technology to join the Real Estate Industry – Arial Drone Photography!

Nothing truly captures the beauty of a luxury home and its surroundings as well as Arial Videos. 200 feet in the air, the drone camera records dramatic and stunning visuals that is sure to capture the hearts of potential buyers.

We at Engel & Völkers, offer FREE Arial Drone Video service to all homeowners who list with us!

We use only the best drone technology and videographers to create our videos.

What can you expect?

-          Services of a skilled drone operator

-          Steady and smooth shots

-          Several takes to get perfect shots

-          Editing and graphics support

-          Shots to showcase landscape, exteriors and interiors

Does this service help sell my house fast?

Definitely yes!

Luxury homes need extra special marketing. When the price tag is high, attracting the right buyer requires an approach that shouts exclusivity and class. Well shot and edited Arial videos add that extra touch which unique homes deserve.

List with us and enjoy access to our complete bouquet of FREE marketing services.

Extensive 24/7 Online Marketing


There is always someone awake and looking at Listings! Trust us we know.

Whether it is a buyer on the other side of the globe or a night owl in your neighbourhood, we make sure that not even a single potential buyer slips by.

To net the widest pool of potential buyers, we offer all our clients extensive round-the-clock online marketing. Our advertising campaigns run non-stop till we Sell your Home!

Our well planned and effective online advertising catches buyers at precisely the right time.

Unlike the traditional channels of Marketing – newspapers, magazines and so on – online marketing is not confined to a specific geography or time. Interested customers browse, surf and search as and when they want; the only way to stay on their radar is to invest in marketing campaigns that run 24x7.

When you List your home with us, you are guaranteed our full-service marketing package.

Our Online Marketing efforts comprise

  1. Professional Online Advertising team specializing in search adverts, display adverts, social media adverts and SEO practices.
  2. Copywriting services
  3. Visual design services
  4. Backend support to service leads

As a part of ENGEL & VÖLKERS, we have access to the most sophisticated marketing and technology tools, social media platforms as well as local, national & international Listing opportunities

If you are looking for a realtor who puts you first, then Call us NOW and list your Home for Sale with E&V Toronto West.

Our Unique 21 Point Marketing Plan


If you ask any buyer how they found the home they just bought, you will likely hear– I saw an advertisement!

Marketing sells homes, period!

If you want to go from listed to sold quickly, you need to be 100% sure that your realtor will be able to market your property.

With us, you are in the right hands! At Engel & Völkers, our local know-how and expertise are backed by the strength of a well-established global marketing network.

Creating visibility for your property is all we have done for over a decade!

We make sure that you get the best dollar deal for your home through our tried and tested 21-point marketing plan.

Our 21-point marketing plan consists of:

  1. Organic social media outreach
  2. Paid social media advertisement
  3. Search engine optimization strategy
  4. Paid search advertising
  5. Paid display advertising
  6. Professional web design and development
  7. Newspapers advertisement
  8. Magazines advertisement
  9. Flyers
  10. Brochures
  11. Newsletters
  12. Email campaigns
  13. Email postcards
  14. Door hangers
  15. Signage
  16. Open houses
  17. Professional videography and photography
  18. Round the clock call centre support
  19. Backend support for instant follow-ups
  20. Staging and interior decoration
  21. Home Evaluation and consulting

Along with our comprehensive marketing services we can boast of creating a truly exceptional customer experience for all our clients – we provide complete access to our agents, round the clock guidance and support and daily/weekly updates on the status of your listing.

Put us in charge of selling your home, and you will be guaranteed a quick and hassle-free sale.

Get your property advertised & sold at the right price. Talk to us for more information!


Regular Feedback On All Showings & Open Houses


For most of us, our homes are our biggest asset and deciding to sell it is a huge decision that leaves most homeowners nervous and anxious.

We understand how you feel. We ensure that our clients are always in control and fully informed and will relieve all your stress and uncertainty.

At Engel & Völkers, we offer the highest standard of real estate customer experience; with us, you can ensure you’ll be getting professional services and our complete attention.

What do we do? We ask questions!

Every single time a prospective buyer views your home, we make sure they undertake our detailed survey. What they liked or disliked, what needs improvement and what they thought about the price – these questions, along with many more, get asked and answered.

All this data helps homeowners and us to come up with strategies that ensure that you can sell your home fast and for a higher price.

Feedback is vital to the real estate industry.

At times, homes attract plenty of potential buyers, but even after many viewings and open houses, no one sends an offer! A detailed feedback system can help here. Usually, the problems are fixable, and a small investment can exponentially increase the chance of selling your home fast.

Our agents are bold & creative and never hesitate to get feedback after all showings. For homeowners, buyers, sellers and even agents, it is critical to understand the ground reality; only then can we ensure that you get your asking price as quickly as possible.

Let our feedback process help you sell your home! We are available 24 hours, call us or email us anytime.

Our Unique Cross Selling


At Engel & Voelkers it is our drive to get the highest price possible. We have a smart and strategic skill set that helps us do this: Cross selling!

What is cross selling?

Cross selling is a sales technique that is made to persuade a person to buy more or spend more than they originally planned.
This is a top marketing tactic that has been used for some time. It is a smart way for advertisers and marketers to upscale their buyers and end up gaining more money.
How this is completed is having a skilled fool-proof team well educated in the industry and all its products and services. Our team is also full of people who are charismatic and natural salespeople! They know how to schmooze and persuade people.
This tactic has worked wonders for our industry especially in when the stakes are so high. If this tactic works then the pay off is unlimited!

Team of top producing agents


Our team of top producing agents are one-of-a-kind. They are trained to be the best of the best. While Engel & Voelkers has a very high reputation, we only accept the best applicants. Our team of agents are top producing agents as they are results driven and have proven themselves time and time again that they are very capable of delivering.


Our team of agents are considered to be top producing agents because of their negotiation skills. They know how to provide all the needed information to every prospective client and sell any property. They are good speakers and good listeners that helps them create lasting results.

Eye for detail

Our agents have an eye for detail. Be it for buying or selling, they are able to spot out the best opportunities. This is a reason of why they are top producing agents – because they aim to please and have an eye for what the clients are looking for.

Love for the industry

Our agents are top producing because they genuinely love what they’re doing. They are results driven yes, but they ultimately love seeing happy clients and do whatever it takes to provide results. Loving what you’re doing as a career ultimately determines your success. Having a drive and passion for the industry has really set them apart.

Best Negotiation Skills


Many people think that good negotiating skills are all talk – this could not be more untrue! There is a lot of skill and practice that goes into being a good negotiator. There is a lot of give and take.

While being a prestigious real estate agency, we are well equipped with many skilled agents. They are well trained and able to get the best deal for you. They have been trained to be persuasive, informative, knowledgeable and charismatic. They are good talkers, problem solvers, decision makers, and most importantly – listeners!

We have a high reputation to uphold so only the best of the best are hired as agents. They understand that negotiating is a primary area of focus within the real estate industry. Within our agency we are good negotiators, but we do it with class. We do extensive research beforehand to understand all sides of the negotiation to make sure we get the best outcome in any situation.

You can most definitely count on us to handle one of the biggest transactions in your life with class, certainty and confidence.

Don’t believe us? Give us a try and we will not disappoint! We are well trained and ready to be tried and tested to prove our status.

City Wide & Ethnic Advertisements


Here at Engel & Voelkers we pride ourselves in our marketing initiatives. We have a wide array of advertisements that will cater to every demographic. This is a huge benefit to anyone as you are able to get views on many different platforms; as well as maximizing your view outreach.

City wide advertisements

In regards to city wide advertisements, we have a long list of local newspapers we advertise in. Mississauga News, Brampton Guardian, Business Exchange – to name a few. These are seen by unlimited amounts of people and can peak the interest of many interested people. Our advertisements are well designed to intrigue the entire population.

Ethnic advertisements

We have done our research. We know there are many different kinds of ethnicities and backgrounds within the real estate industry. Everyone is in the same boat! We cater to many different ethnicities and publish advertisements on many different mediums. For example, Pakistan Times and Thoi Bao. We want to inform everyone of the opportunities that are at their fingertips.

Inclusivity and equality is very important to us. We are in the market for everyone, regardless of ethnicity. All are welcome!

Best mortgage options for buyers of your home


Engel & Voelkers is known for providing the best mortgage options. They really understand the industry and know how to provide their clients the best out there. It doesn’t get much better than Engel & Voelkers!

Whether you’re buying or selling a home, we provide the best terms and conditions in the industry. We provide amazing interest rates – which is something to be admired!

Are we over confident? You may think so.

But when you see the results and the feedback we get; how could you not be! It really works!

Our focus is always on the client. We are results driven and want to provide the very best for every customer, in every situation. We have a high reputation to uphold and we plan to keep it growing and exceeding your every expectation constantly.

Send us an email or give us a call, and ask to speak to one of our agents about our terms and conditions. You won’t be disappointed!

Get 21 Professionals at the cost of 1


Here at Engel & Voelkers we like to do everything over the top. We are not your average real estate agency. Whatever your expectations are for working with a company like us – forget about it and raise your standards!

When you work with Engel & Voelkers it’s like getting 21 professionals at the cost of 1. Our professionals are well trained to go above and beyond for their clients in every aspect. Whatever it is that you want and need will be provided for you on a silver platter.

We appreciate your time and money put into our brokerage and we want you to be pleased with what your money is used for. We are well equipped to provide anything for you that will make this experience easier and more enjoyable for you.

In some situations, clients feel like their agent is only providing them with parts of what they need during the transaction of buying or selling a home. With Engel & Voelkers you will not be disappointed

– yet even surprised

– with what we are able to give you.

Send us an email or give us a call and we will prove to you that all you wildest needs and desires will be met!

Extensive Social Media


One of the biggest gifts that the Internet offers is Social Media. With the use of Social Media your network is wider & larger than before.

Real estate is all about networking and what better way to network in today’s digital age than with the aid of social media. A lot of realtors still believe that hard skills such as relationship building and communication skills are only crucial to succeed in real estate and often neglect the power of Social Media.

So then why should you invest in Social Media then? Here’s why:

Harnessing the power of social media:

How exactly can Social Media help people in the real estate industry?

With Engel & Völkers,  you would have the tools to create an extensive Social Media presence to enhance your real estate success to the absolute next level.

Agents & Public Open Houses


Our agents are skilled professionals. They are known for delivering high quality results. They are well trained in many areas, and know a lot about what clients want to see and hear. With regards to open houses, agents have mastered the art of providing a memorable open house that will leave you speechless.

Agents know how to really impress people during an open house. They try to hit all your senses to win you over.

In the real estate industry having visual aids are critical. In an open house situation the home must be visually appealing. The house must have proper staging to really attract the attention of the viewers.

The sense of hearing is also important in an open house. Some agents will play relaxing welcoming music to put the viewers at ease and help them remember an enjoyable experience at this particular open house.

Agents often have freshly baked cookies to offer the viewers to tickle their taste buds while viewing the property. Who doesn’t love a delicious cookie!

The sense of touch is vital in an open house. It is also beneficial to have flyers, brochures, pamphlets, and even furniture that the viewers can interact with to elevate their experience.

Everyone has heard the sales tactic in open houses where the agents have freshly baked cookies in the oven for when the viewers come in. Sometimes agents will also have candles lit of wall plug-ins to create a pleasing smell when coming into the home.

These senses are all important in an open house and our agents are well aware and well educated in what will help a sale during an open house!

Ads in over 40,000 Newsletters

A great way for your advertisements to be seen are to put them in newsletters. This is an easy, efficient way to generate views and get a lot of action from your ads.

Here at Engel & Voelkers we have access to over 40,000 newsletters. You can pick and choose which ones you would like (or them all!) and watch the feedback roll in!

We have experienced many situations where there’s a seller or a buyer who has implemented some ads in newsletters. The feedback from the newsletters was overwhelming and there were even many offers that came in, and the client had options to choose from!

Marketing in newsletters really works and we have seen many success stories. It is definitely worth it! With over 40,000 newsletters to choose from you really can’t go wrong.

Don’t believe us? Try it out! List with us and advertise within our medley of newsletters at your disposal and see the inquiries that come in.

Renovation loans for your home

Renovating your home can be costly. Painting, breaking down walls, or putting walls in – you name it. While it may seem like a lot of extra work in stress, in our professional opinion, it is definitely worth the money.

Money implemented into renovations can be returned in profit when you sell. While worth it, we know its difficult to fund renovations on top of everything else that is being paid for at the time of buying or selling!

At Engel & Voelkers we have many different loan options for renovations. We see the value in putting some extra money into renovations because we have definitely seen turnover in profit by doing so.

Many people don’t realize that we provide loan opportunities for aesthetics but we do! Ask us about our renovation loan policies and we will be able to educate you and give you access to any funding you may require, in order to see your dreams come to life before your eyes.

Put us to the test. Trust us to advise your decision to get renovation funding and we guarantee you will see more return in your end profit.

So, what are you waiting for? Get on the phone, or send an email inquiring about our renovation loan options. An agent will be happy to answer all your questions and concerns promptly!

Exclusive Ad Campaign for Your Home


Advertising is effective, but Exclusive & Customized Advertising is even better. We use a wide range of advertising channels, optimized to reach and attract a diverse pool of potential buyers.

After all, the best way to get your asking price (and maybe even more) is to get lots of buyers negotiating for your Home!

With Engel & Volker’s International marketing reach and AJ Lamba’s local expertise, we know exactly how to showcase your Home for Sale to the Right People at the Right Place, the Right Time & for the Right Price.

When it comes to Advertising in the Real Estate Market, we are the experts! We know how to create super visibility to sell your home FAST and for MORE.

Our Strategy

We ensure advertising that is effective. Our advertising process is holistic and uses a mix of traditional offline channels and online digital platforms to create laser targeted campaigns that will attract only the most SERIOUS potential buyers.

Our 360° campaigns include –

Online Channels – Organic and Paid

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Google – Search and Display
  4. Classified Sites
  5. Email Campaigns

Offline Media Channels

  1. Newspapers
  2. Magazines
  3. Flyers
  4. Brochures
  5. Door Hangers

To sell your home FAST, we ensure that the Advertisement includes –

 - Eye-catching Headlines to showcase your unique features

- Well written and well laid out Ad copy to describe all the relevant details of your Home. This includes details such as whether your property is furnished or unfurnished, its unit configurations, its location, nearby areas and so on.

 - Stunning photos & videos to create attention-grabbing advertisements – We use professional photographers & videographers to capture the interior and exterior of your house, especially highlighting its best feature.

So, what are you waiting for? List It, Sell It and Get more $$$ for your home NOW.

Platinum, Gold, Silver commission plans

While you may think commission plans are only beneficial to the agent – you’re wrong!
Based on your commission plan, you can get more products and services out of your agent for your home!

For example:

Silver commission plans

This commission plan is the basis line of products and services your agents will provide for you. These may include things such as the ‘for sale’ sign on your lawn and informative signs in your community. They will also inform you of housing prices, features, neighbourhood information for example. These can be considered the standards of every real estate commission products and services.

Gold commission plans

Gold commission plans have all the products and services of the silver commission and then some. In this higher commission plan you will receive additional advertising, additional staging, or higher end service for example.

Platinum commission plans

Platinum commission plans give you the best of the best. You will be treated like royalty and you will have no doubt that your home will sell quickly, or that you will find a property you love. Within Engel & Voelkers, platinum commission plans provide you aerial drone photography of your home, high end virtual tours of your home, and city-wide advertisements of your home – for example.

Whatever you are comfortable with for commission plans, you get what you pay for!
Within Engel & Voelkers, we suggest you take part in the platinum commission plan as we love to show off your many talents and high-end luxury technology that comes with it.

Try us out! Let us know what you think. You won’t be disappointed in the results you get.

Targeted Marketing for Your Specific Home


Your home is special – you know that, but how do you convey it to all the potential buyers out there.

Easy! You List with us! At ENGEL & VÖLKERS TORONTO WEST, we know exactly how to polish up the best features of your Home and present them effectively to buyers.

How does targeted marketing work?

-          Our agents visit and evaluate the house before the Listing. When it is first listed with us, we make a note of all the features and specifications of the property.

-          Our experienced agents then compare these with other listings or just sold homes in the area. These statistics along with their local know-how allows them to recognize which feature of your home is most likely to attract buyers

-          We then shortlist a set of standout features such as the neighbourhood, size of the house or additional features such as a swimming pool or a large backyard

-          We create marketing campaigns showcasing the shortlisted features

A detailed and well-planned marketing strategy is just the first step, next comes the execution!

For comprehensive Marketing, we offer the following Services

Digital marketing

-          Paid Search and Display Advertisement

-          Paid and Organic social media

-          Classified Sites

-          Email Campaigns

Offline Marketing

-          Newspapers

-          Magazines

-          Flyers

-          Brochures


-          Door Hangers

-          For sale signs


-          Professional Web Design and Development

-          Professional Videography and Photography

-          24x7 Call centre support

-          Staging and Interior Decoration

-          Home Evaluation and consulting

Interested? Why not start with our FREE, NO OBLIGATION Home Evaluation!

Call us now to book an appointment.